Ballerina Earrings, White Gold


As graceful as an arabesque, the Ballerina pearl earrings invite you to treat the world as your stage. Enter a magical world of romance, and feel dazzling when you adorn yourself in our ballerina suite – which delights and excites the imagination.

As statuesque as ballerinas on stage, the Ballerina pearl pendant is balanced to perfection to reflect femininity and grace. A luminous Australian South Sea pearl counterpointed by shimmering diamonds will inspire and elicit your inner beauty and elegance.

Chain sold separately. Please see below.

Precise steps of the satin pointe; beauty, strength, glamour and resilience – this is what the modern woman is about. The Ballerina pearl ring symbolises the many achievements in the life of a contemporary Princess Odette. Enter a magical world of romance, and feel dazzling when you adorn yourself in our Ballerina Suite – which delights and excites the imagination.

The relaxed elegance of this open link pearl charm bracelet features your first charm, a beautiful drop shaped Australian South Sea pearl. The perfect beginning to your Kailis charm collection, you will be reminded of life’s natural beauty every time you look at it.

Relaxed and fun, the Kailis Gold Charm bracelet complete with charms allows you to express who you really are and let the playful side of your personality shine. Reminding you of what it is that makes you smile, what fills your life with purpose and your heart with joy. It encourages to embrace what every day brings and cherish the precious moments in life.

An 18ct white gold, open link bracelet with high polish finish. It consists of four charms: a 9-10 mm drop shaped Australian South Sea pearl charm, Mother of Pearl charm, Aphrodite Dawn charm and Aphrodite Dusk charm. The Aphrodite charms feature 3mm Australian South Sea Keshi pearls. The bracelet also includes 0.01ct black diamonds, Kailis’ unique style signature and symbol of authenticity.

A beautiful everyday piece.

Worn with jeans and a plain white tee, with an office shirt or with a floaty dress, it will be with you no matter where you go.

Clean, uncomplicated and original.

A playful addition to the Element French Hook earrings and a tribute to the elements that surround us and give life to all. Clean, uncomplicated and original, the Element Cuff is a piece to be worn, loved and enjoyed.

Inner beauty.

Incredibly still waters, warm in the late afternoon sun and dappled with light come with an innate feeling of beauty. Go to the shore to breathe it in and let the light water kiss your feet as tranquillity spreads over you. You are beautiful. These polished 925 silver Fluid Earrings, strong and sensual in their soft curves, encompass that assurance of the inner beauty within.

Inner strength.

Strong, bold and self-assured, the Fluid Necklace encapsulates the strength and resolve of the Western Australian waves. Resting gently on a sterling silver double trace chain, harmoniously curving and lapping, the confident lines of the silver pendant are the march of the ocean; a beautifully crafted reminder of the power within.


Inner wisdom.

There is wisdom in those waves, in the fluidity of their motion, in the eternity spent travelling, experiencing, touching the world. The Fluid Ring is that innate knowledge, nestled deep in every movement, in every soft curve and rolling angle; in the continuum of their lines. The smooth 925 polished silver, at first cool to the touch soon warms as it embraces your finger – at one with the wisdom of whomever wears it.

A twist on your classic pearl cuff.

Secluded and calm, with yachts, boats and luggers docked for a rest or ready to head into the blue, towards the horizon, towards the adventures and freedom. The Harbour bracelet is a symbol of what we have today and what lies ahead and a reminder that there is always a bigger world waiting.

Elegant and refined, these diamond encrusted Hope earrings epitomise the perfect harmony of the classic French hook design and modern geometric form united by master craftsmen into a timeless piece showcasing the pure beauty of the Australian South Sea pearls.

A fixed French hook design featuring two 11-12 mm drop shaped Australian South Sea pearls.

A seemingly simple design featuring a spectacular drop shaped Australian South Sea pearl adorned by intricate pavé set diamonds represents the true Kailis jewel — classic and delicate, yet meticulously crafted to create a look of effortless elegance.

Chain sold separately. Please see below.

Immaculately structured in its form and balance, the Hope pearl ring with diamonds embodies the essence of the Kailis design philosophy. Understated elegance is achieved by Kailis master jewellers through bringing together the spectacular lustre of an Australian South Sea pearl, sophisticated pavé diamond setting and highly polished gold that offers the wearer the most comfortable fit and graceful style.

Featuring an 11-12mm round Australian South Sea pearl.

Contemporary elegance for every day.

This casual yet elegant piece is bound to become a jewellery box staple of a modern woman.

Contemporary elegance for every day.

This casual yet elegant necklace is bound to become a jewellery box staple of a modern woman.

An excellent gift choice for those who are committed to their classic style but know how to add a touch of character and luxury into the otherwise conservative business look. Practical and elegant, this sophisticated sterling silver money clip is a stylish accessory with a genuine Australian character.

High polished sterling silver with matt finish raised centre detailing, featuring Kailis engraving.

Luxurious, unique and decorative pen featuring intricate metal engraving and pearl-material flourish.

The Harbour Necklace features an incredibly lustrous Australian South Sea pearl on a 90cm sterling silver double trace chain.

Only available online and in Kailis boutiques.

A sense of freedom.

The freedom, the adrenalin, the excitement, the conquering, the challenge and the sense of achievement. Surfboard on the roof, sunscreen in the boot, and the waves worth thousands of kilometres of travel – that’s what the Nautical bracelet is about.

Silver simplicity. 

It’s a small detail that really counts – like the Nautical earrings which complete the look in a simple yet thought through way.

Relaxed, simple, elegant.

Effortless elegance of a linen dress, wind playing in your hair, sun-kissed skin and salty ocean air around. A necklace inspired by all things Australian summer. Fitting for a day spent gazing into the blue expanse or counting the stars above the ocean.

A tribute to the courageous.

Inspired by the romance of the days gone by and adventurous souls who have ventured into the unknown to discover the wonders never before seen. Those free-spirited travellers who have conquered the often-rough waters of the world oceans and reached lands exotic and remote. The Nautical pendant is a tribute to the courageous and the curious.

Bold and strong.

The Nautical ring is inspired by the ocean’s perpetual motion, the shapes and effects it creates, by its calmness, its strength and its all-encompassing presence.

The Odyssey Collection from Kailis tells of the magical journey of the untreated Australian South Sea pearls creation by the Pinctada Maxima oyster. From its beginnings in the pristine waters off the coast of North West Australia to its re-creation as a stunning piece of contemporary, silver jewellery, the Odyssey Collection fires the imagination today while becoming an heirloom of tomorrow.

The clean and chic silhouette brings out the beauty of the pearl, which is contrasted by the Cabochon cut semi-precious black onyx stone. This ring is a versatile choice, suitable for a range of looks and occasions.

Polished 925 sterling silver ring features two Cabochon cut Black Onyx stones and a 11-12mm Australian South Sea Pearl.

The softest petals quiver in the breeze at dawn, revealing a shimmering dewdrop that manifests purity and perfection. The pearlescent radiance lights up a secret garden where femininity unfolds and flourishes.
This 18ct white gold pearl pendant features a lustrous 11-12mm Australian South Sea pearl and 0.15ct G/H VS white diamonds grain set on the petals. Chain not included.

Exclusive to Kailis Boutiques and Online.

The Pure Cuff is designed to complement the Pure Ring & Hoop Earrings which are staple pieces in the jewellery box of the Kailis woman. The Kailis Pure Suite epitomises the contemporary take on pearl jewellery. Timeless in its simplicity, each piece communicates style, strength and femininity.

Cuff available in two sizes:

Small – fits wrists up to 165mm
Large – fits wrists up to 185mm

Alternative sizes available by special order (6-8 weeks). Please contact Customer Care for available sizes and special order enquiries.

The Pure Hoop Earrings communicate confidence, independence and modern elegance. These pearl earrings are a celebration and a symbol of achievement, a precious possession and a timeless heirloom.

Designed to complement the Pure Ring & Cuff which are staple pieces in the jewellery box of the Kailis woman. The Kailis Pure Suite epitomises the contemporary take on pearl jewellery.

Hoop diameter – 30mm.

Chic and trendy with a combination of satin finish and high polish detailing featuring the spectacular beauty of an Australian South Sea pearl. The Kailis Surry Hills Silver Bangle reinvents the pearl bangle for those who determine their own style.

Relaxed elegance.

The Nautical Pearl Pendant with Chain features an incredibly lustrous Australian South Sea pearl on a 90cm sterling silver double trace chain.

Only available online and in Kailis boutiques.

Freedom in flight.

So light, in satin and high polish sterling silver and almost weightless against the ear, the Verity Bird Earrings encapsulates the freedom of flight. Our bird, always in motion, moves in harmony with its surroundings, leading and mirroring at the same time. Worn as an ear-jack or as a traditional earring, the silver earrings can be paired with an infinite possibility of combinations. They are as unique as whoever wears them.

Pearl stud earrings sold separately.

Light as air.

As if captured in time, the Verity Bird Necklace represents both the beauty and the empowerment of youth. Independent and totally fearless, our bird is free to go wherever she pleases. She flies, tickling leaves and skimming waters, playful and sure. Not even she knows where it will take her – this journey, but that’s the beauty of it. The innate trust that she knows the way, encapsulated in the Kailis secret black diamond – her inner wisdom.

The beauty of things to come.

A reflection of balance coupled with adventure, the Verity necklace symbolises the opportunity of youth. Totally undetermined, life is as you make it. It’s yours for the taking. Smooth and light in sterling silver, the vibrant yellow flash on the flower is pure joy. Nestled on the back, for only the wearer to see, is our Kailis black diamond – a luxurious reminder that the best is yet to come.

The light of a free spirit.

Light to the touch, resting upon whomever wears them as if flickers of moments in time, the Verity pearl earrings are the signature of a free spirit. Both an earring and an ear-jack, they represent freedom, friendship and adventure. At the centre of it all, our luminescent, naturally radiant Australian South Sea pearls – untouched and entirely unique, are a perfect pair – side by side, one complementing the other.

The spirit of uniqueness.

Naturally unique, each Australian South Sea pearl comes with its own story, its own character. The Kailis Verity pendant is an ode to this uniqueness. Symbolising balance and inner strength, it rests almost weightlessly against the skin. Moving lightly in unison with its maker it embraces her every move. Our Kailis hidden black diamond is a whisper of knowledge, that only she need hear.

Natural, innate femininity.

Everlasting and light, the Verity ring represents femininity and the inner strength which comes alongside it. Here, it is not about the bird, but the journey; of sights seen, adventures lived, stories told and memories made. The Verity sterling silver ring, celebrates flight – the feel of it, over trees, amongst the flowers – the air breathed along the way. This is her journey – our Kailis signature black diamond is the sparkle of possibilities.