Sugarloaf By Night Bracelet


Soft, playful elegance.

Soft yet striking, there is movement in the Sugarloaf by Night Bracelet as it rests on the wrist. As if an eternal moon-dance between tide, sky and the rock itself, three Australian South Sea pearls and Black Onyx lined with white diamond accents are forever connected. It’s the light, white gold link chain. It’s the continuum of the tide, the undulation of the waves, the shimmering, playful light kissing the darkness.

A celestial celebration of reverence, devotion and wonder.

Like a moon nestled amongst a bed of stars, a 13mm Australian South Sea pearl sits atop 220 white diamonds, lined with a wash of ultramarine sapphires and finished with Kailis’ signature black diamond. Invoking memories of the untameable Western Australian coast under gentle celestial guidance, the Blue Adored ring is the perfect complement to the ebb and flow of a life lived with love.

This limited edition piece is to be specially ordered upon request, which will take up to 4-8 weeks.

Like a moon resting amongst a bed of white diamond stars.

With a wash of ultramarine sapphires and a Kailis signature black diamond to complete them, these Blue Adored earrings are a perfect accompaniment to the Blue Adored ring or worn lovingly by themselves.

This limited edition piece is to be specially ordered upon request, which will take up to 4-8 weeks.

Descending into the indigo waters of the Indian Ocean on a perfect summer’s night.

The moon and her starry companion – the Southern Cross – cast shafts of light across the ocean, gently dipping into the inky coloured waters. The moon, a 13mm Australian South Sea pearl, dips into the ocean of 20 blue sapphires entwined with 17 white diamonds, 7 stones of paraiba tourmaline and one black diamond to form a pendant as wondrous as the Southern Cross in the night-time sky.

This limited edition piece is to be specially ordered upon request, which will take up to 4-8 weeks.


Sharp lines meet feminine beauty.

The iconic style of Art Deco sings with a marriage of contrasts, perfectly mirrored side-by-side. Two drop Australian South Sea pearls rest atop the sharp geometric lines of our Manhattan skyscape. Intense sparkles of pave set diamonds are the lights, shimmering seductively against the night sky, complemented by the softness of the pearl. Once adorned, these Kailis Jewellery earrings swing lightly – bold, yet feminine, a reminder of the softness within.

Reach for the stars.

Here, in the dazzling Manhattan Empire pendant, our majestic Australian South Sea pearl meets the geometric lines of the Art Deco in an age-old game of opposites attract. The pearl is the dream, bold, blazing above the night-scape of Manhattan. Below it, a glittering geometric form, effortlessly lit by clusters of pave set white diamonds. Just as the skyline which inspired it, this Kailis Jewellery pendant shines with an innate brilliance never to be forgotten.

Chain sold separately.

Dazzlingly style and sophistication.

Shining bright, our naturally luminescent Australian South Sea Pearl is the ever glow of the city. High, bold and bright, it is illuminated by rings of white gold studded with brilliant diamonds – our iconic Manhattan skyline. This geometric Kailis ring is simply dazzling.

An earring for all occasions.

Not only an earring but an ear-jack, these mesmerizing Kailis diamond earrings can be worn both as a stud and as the complete piece, simply by removing the white gold chain which links the stud to our brilliant Art Deco-inspired pyramids below. Strong and sure in high polish white gold, sparkling pave set diamonds enlighten both the stud and the suspended piece. The Kailis Jewellery hidden black diamond enclosed, a little known secret known only to a few.

Pearl studs sold separately.

Simply stated style and beauty.

A soft touch meets strong geometric lines in the ideal of the Art Deco here. The Kailis Manhattan Lights Pendant rests almost weightlessly against the skin of whoever wears it. An effortless sparkle as if in recollection of breathtaking moments lived, never to be forgotten. High polish white gold holds the eternal flicker of white diamonds, pave-set to sparkle and shine for eternity. Our Kailis Jewellery signature black diamond is nestled on the underside, a secret guarantee of style and beauty.

Chain sold separately.

Soft yet strong in the most beautiful embrace.

As if an eternal embrace, the Kailis Manhattan Lights white gold ring is truly striking. Just as with the New York skyline which inspired it, not everything is at it seems. Where there is strength, there is softness. Where there is the unknown, the familiar appears. Some things are plain to see, others not. Dazzling with micro-pave set diamonds on high polish white gold, the signature Kailis black diamond shimmers on the underside, sparkling by day and by night.

Eternal as the night sky.

Splendid with the bright light of the Milky Way, the Nouveau Meridian Bracelet is as eternal as the night sky itself. Three glittering Asscher diamonds, the brightest stars in the sky, illuminate our moons – perfect Australian South Sea pearls.

Luminescent luxury.

Suspended by a stream of interconnecting stars, the brightest – an Asscher diamond – kisses the moon herself, a perfect Australian South Sea pearl, as she prepares to drop over the horizon.

Chain sold separately. Chain must be fitted to pendant.

As special as a shooting star in the night sky.

Flying through the night-sky, swift, bright, beautiful is the Asscher diamond, its light guiding you towards the Australian South Sea pearl, our moon – the one and only. The Nouveau Meridian Ring is the encompassment of that moment. That enchantment shared – it’s bold white brilliance for all to see and it’s ever-lasting sparkle, with you always.

Round, lustrous and luminescent.

Untouched and entirely as nature intended, these two Australian South Sea Pearls are a rare and perfect pair – a miracle of nature, suspended side-by-side in space and time. Each coupled with a train of glittering stars culminating in a brilliant Asscher diamond.

Designed to pay homage to the Kailis Greek heritage.

Inspired by the perfect symmetry of the ancient Greek temples, the golden ratio which has fascinated the brightest minds since the days of the ancient Greeks’ glory, into the 21st century, the Olympus ring is as unmistakably Kailis as it is perfect in its classic form.

Enchanted elegance.

Not one shooting star, but two, racing through the night sky towards the splendour of our Australian South Sea pearl, her moon. Each earring, an enchanted celestial chain, three beautiful stars uniting to sparkle in the light of the moon.

Pearls are detachable.

Infinite, eternal, Meridian is the perfect celestial circle.

With our untreated, perfectly round Australian South Sea pearl at its centre and 11 pristine, hand-cut and coveted Royal Asscher diamonds, the Royal Meridian necklace encapsulates this star-studded miracle. Made to order, this necklace is as unique as the lady who wears it.

Pearl is detachable.

Uniting the moon with the brightest star.

Cut to best showcase its natural clarity and lustre, the Royal Asscher diamond meets the natural mastery of our unique pearl to form a perfect couple.

Pearl is detachable. Chain sold separately.

Inner splendour.

A divine unseen, a reminder of her inner splendour, a gift from the creator to whoever wears her wonder. A splendid moon, light, bright and confident in her uniqueness, the Royal Meridian ring bestows a celestial gift on her wearer.

Inner splendour.

A divine unseen, a reminder of her inner splendour, a gift from the creator to whoever wears her wonder. A splendid moon, light, bright and confident in her uniqueness, the Royal Meridian ring bestows a celestial gift on her wearer.

Eternal beauty.

Marrying the most brilliant of diamonds, we have an eternal beauty that will never fade. As rare and precious as the perfect pairing of any great love, so too is the matching of two untouched Australian South Sea pearls.

Pearls are detachable.

Reminiscent of the swell by Sugarloaf Rock.

Lustrous pearls and gleaming Blue Topaz courageously caper and twirl on the white gold link chain of the Sugarloaf bracelet. White diamond accents glint and glaze like crests of the waves on the undulating ocean as it laps the rugged coast.

This delicate bracelet features three 10mm Australian South Sea drop pearls and approx 4.00ct of Blue Topaz on an 18ct white gold link chain.

Honouring the cerulean blue of the Indian Ocean.

The Sugarloaf pendant encapsulates the fluid energy of the tempestuous waters of Cape Naturaliste set against the resolute lustre of a luminous Kailis pearl.

Featuring a 13mm drop-shaped Australian South Sea pearl suspended below 3 bezel-set Blue Topaz stones of approx 1.50 ct and 0.12ct of white diamond accents, the Sugarloaf pendant will swing and sway when partnered with a Kailis 18ct white gold trace chain.

Chain sold separately.

Simple statements of pure beauty.

Secure in its wonder, Sugarloaf by Night is the perfect marriage between light and dark. Here, our Australian South Sea pearl is both the moon, marking its midnight dance on Sugarloaf rock as the waves crash around its core. Three carats of polished Black Onyx make the night sky, speckled only by stars – our diamonds – and wispy, almost brushstroke clouds. Tempestuous but also enchanting, pure beauty is captured here.

Mystic romance.

Strong, sensual and mystifying, the relationship between Sugarloaf rock and the waves which have shaped it is an eternal one. The Sugarloaf by Night Pendant represents this natural attraction. Eternally connected, an Australian South Sea pearl, strong and bold, is suspended below polished Black Onyx, lined with glistening diamonds. This is night on the rock – dark yet light, secretive in parts, luminescent in others, accompanied by the continuous roll of the ocean.

Chain sold separately.

Mesmerising moments locked in time.

Huge, striking and effortlessly captivating, in this mesmerising ring a 10mm round Australian South Sea pearl is Sugarloaf rock, resting strong and proud between polished Black Onyx stones. Bezel set, the Black Onyx is the dark ocean on one side and the night sky on the other. Each is lined with white diamond accents, flickers of light naturally glistening, playful in the dark.

Magic made in the moonlight.

A perfect pair, featuring two drop-shaped Australian South Sea pearls, the Sugarloaf by Night Stud Earrings are a homage to the mystic romance between the night sky and the raging, dark waves which encompass Sugarloaf by Night. The Australian South Sea drop pearls – our Sugarloaf rock – take centre stage here, luminescent and brilliant against the Black Onyx, reminiscent of the whisperings of moonlight on Sugarloaf rock.

An embodiment of the celestial hues of our coastal waters.

Celebrating the wild blue yonder which envelopes the Western Australian landscape, the Sugarloaf french hook earrings feature two 11mm Australian South Sea drop pearls, suspended below 3.00ct of bezel-set Blue Topaz stones and 0.24ct white diamond accents all set in polished 18ct white gold.

A bold jewel rising out of the ocean swell.

The intense blue stones and glimmering white diamonds emulate the wild surf and white cap peaks that lap at the heels of Sugarloaf’s bold crag.

This striking ring features a 10mm round Australian South Sea pearl embraced on either side by a total of six Blue Topaz stones with a total carat weight of 3.00ct and 0.23ct of white diamond accents.

A mirror of the infinite blue hues.

The Sugarloaf stud earrings pay homage to the brilliant azure waters and rippling waves that swirl and glisten against the rugged coastline. Featuring two stunning 12mm Australian South Sea drop pearls suspended below approx 3.00ct of bezel-set Blue Topaz stones and 0.24ct white diamond accents.

Clean and classic lines embrace lustrous Australian South Sea pearls in these eternally stunning french hook earrings.

A symbol of togetherness.

Like two hands holding onto each other, two hands which find each other without having to look, providing comfort and reassurance, forming a connection as gentle as it is strong, fitting together like pieces of a puzzle created by life itself.

A treasure of dual pearls.

Amplifying the magnificence of the spectacular phenomenon known as an Aurora, Kailis’ Blue Aurora cuff is a treasure of dual pearls – two moons creating islands surrounded by a sea of ultramarine sapphires and white diamonds – gently spilling onto the pristine shores of a sandy white gold beach under an Aurora Australis. The moons, two 11mm Australian South Sea drop pearls, dip into the ocean of 86 blue sapphires and 43 white diamonds, 22 paraiba tourmaline stones and one black diamond to create an island paradise as perfect as nature intended.

This limited edition piece is to be specially ordered upon request, which will take up to 4-8 weeks.

The ultimate symbol of Western Australia.

The everlasting movement of the ocean’s surf, the rim of the water caressing the sand and retrieving back, only to allow the next wave to repeat its motion; the curve of the majestic Wave Rock, frozen in time in its remarkable form, shaped by the elements; the waves of the sand dunes all inviting for a unique adventure and reminding of the precious life moments which are never to be forgotten.