Allura Earrings


True to the iconic Kailissima collection, the Allura pearl earrings represent everyday luxury. The Australian South Sea pearls are truly the hero as white diamonds and bold yellow gold highlight its natural beauty.

Set in 20ct brushed yellow gold with 18ct white gold highlights, these hoop earrings feature pavé set G/VS diamonds (0.90ct) and two Australian South Sea pearls.

Inspired by the moment when the sun dips in the darkening sky and mother nature throws her swirling curtain of fiery light toward the heavens, the Aurora Horizon Pendant is a tangible reminder of a fleeting moment, a beautifully captured sunset you can wear and treasure forever.

The Aurora Horizon Pendant pendant is 18ct yellow gold with grain-set Cabochon-cut Rubies, Pink Tourmalines and Orange Sapphires (27 gemstones, approx. 1.5ct); featuring a brilliant White Diamond (0.055ct) and a 13-14mm, drop-shaped, untreated Australian South Sea pearl.

Chain sold separately. Please see below.

As graceful as an arabesque, the Ballerina pearl earrings invite you to treat the world as your stage. Enter a magical world of romance, and feel dazzling when you adorn yourself in our ballerina suite – which delights and excites the imagination.

As statuesque as ballerinas on stage, the Ballerina pearl pendant is balanced to perfection to reflect femininity and grace. A luminous Australian South Sea pearl counterpointed by shimmering diamonds will inspire and elicit your inner beauty and elegance.

Chain sold separately. Please see below.

Precise steps of the satin pointe; beauty, strength, glamour and resilience – this is what the modern woman is about. The Ballerina pearl ring symbolises the many achievements in the life of a contemporary Princess Odette. Enter a magical world of romance, and feel dazzling when you adorn yourself in our Ballerina Suite – which delights and excites the imagination.

The relaxed elegance of this open link pearl charm bracelet features your first charm, a beautiful drop shaped Australian South Sea pearl. The perfect beginning to your Kailis charm collection, you will be reminded of life’s natural beauty every time you look at it.

Relaxed and fun, the Kailis Gold Charm bracelet complete with charms allows you to express who you really are and let the playful side of your personality shine. Reminding you of what it is that makes you smile, what fills your life with purpose and your heart with joy. It encourages to embrace what every day brings and cherish the precious moments in life.

An 18ct gold, open link bracelet with high polish finish. It consists of four charms: a 9-10 mm drop shaped Australian South Sea pearl charm, Mother of Pearl charm, Aphrodite Dawn charm and Aphrodite Dusk charm. The Aphrodite charms feature 3mm Australian South Sea Keshi pearls. The bracelet also includes 0.01ct black diamonds, Kailis’ unique style signature and symbol of authenticity.

Elegant and refined, these diamond encrusted Hope earrings epitomise the perfect harmony of the classic French hook design and modern geometric form united by master craftsmen into a timeless piece showcasing the pure beauty of the Australian South Sea pearls.

A fixed French hook design featuring two 11-12 mm drop shaped Australian South Sea pearls.

Captivating natural beauty of a Kailis pearl.

A seemingly simple design featuring a spectacular drop shaped Australian South Sea pearl adorned by intricate pavé set diamonds; classic and delicate, yet meticulously crafted to create a look of effortless elegance.

Chain sold separately.

A seemingly simple design featuring a spectacular drop shaped Australian South Sea pearl adorned by intricate pavé set diamonds represents the true Kailis jewel; classic and delicate, yet meticulously crafted to create a look of effortless elegance.

Chain sold separately. Please see below.

Immaculately structured in its form and balance, the Hope pearl ring with diamonds embodies the essence of the Kailis design philosophy. Understated elegance is achieved by Kailis master jewellers through bringing together the spectacular lustre of an Australian South Sea pearl, sophisticated pavé diamond setting and highly polished gold that offers the wearer the most comfortable fit and graceful style.

Featuring an 11-12mm round Australian South Sea pearl.

Eternal as the night sky.

Splendid with the bright light of the Milky Way, the Nouveau Meridian Bracelet is as eternal as the night sky itself. Three glittering Asscher diamonds, the brightest stars in the sky, illuminate our moons – perfect Australian South Sea pearls.

Luminescent luxury.

Suspended by a stream of interconnecting stars, the brightest – an Asscher diamond – kisses the moon herself, a perfect Australian South Sea pearl, as she prepares to drop over the horizon.

Chain sold separately. Chain must be fitted to pendant.

As special as a shooting star in the night sky.

Flying through the night-sky, swift, bright, beautiful is the Asscher diamond, its light guiding you towards the Australian South Sea Pearl, our moon – the one and only. The Nouveau Meridian Ring is the encompassment of that moment. That enchantment shared – it’s bold white brilliance for all to see and it’s ever-lasting sparkle, with you always.

Round, lustrous and luminescent.

Untouched and entirely as nature intended, these two Australian South Sea Pearls are a rare and perfect pair – a miracle of nature, suspended side-by-side in space and time. Each coupled with a train of glittering stars culminating in a brilliant Asscher diamond.

Designed to pay homage to the Kailis Greek heritage.

Inspired by the perfect symmetry of the ancient Greek temples, the golden ratio which has fascinated the brightest minds since the days of the ancient Greeks’ glory, into the 21st century, the Olympus ring is as unmistakably Kailis as it is perfect in its classic form.

Enchanted elegance.

Not one shooting star, but two, racing through the night sky towards the splendour of our Australian South Sea pearl, her moon. Each earring, an enchanted celestial chain, three beautiful stars uniting to sparkle in the light of the moon.

Pearls are detachable.

Infinite, eternal, Meridian is the perfect celestial circle.

With our untreated, perfectly round Australian South Sea pearl at its centre and 11 pristine, hand-cut and coveted Royal Asscher diamonds, the Royal Meridian necklace encapsulates this star-studded miracle. Made to order, this necklace is as unique as the lady who wears it.

Pearl is detachable.

Cut to best showcase its natural clarity and lustre, the Royal Asscher diamond meets the natural mastery of our unique Pearl to form a perfect couple.

Pearl is detachable.

Chain not included.

Eternal beauty.

Marrying the most brilliant of diamonds, we have an eternal beauty that will never fade. As rare and precious as the perfect pairing of any great love, so too is the matching of two untouched Australian South Sea pearls.

Pearls are detachable.

With wings of silk that glow soft and white, what is a swan but the embodiment of beauty, elegance, and strength? So too are these masterfully created Australian South Sea pearl earrings, perfectly balanced on French hooks and encircled by sparkling diamonds.

French hook earrings feature 0.24cts of G/VS diamonds and two 11-12mm, drop-shaped Australian South Sea pearls set in 18ct yellow gold.

Like a swan, head held high and moving silently through the water, it would seem that elegance is the quiet expression of style. The Swan pearl pendant reflects the poise and grace of the wearer, enhancing her beauty through its exquisite luminosity.

This stunning pendant features 0.12ct G/VS diamonds and a 12-13mm, drop shaped Australian South Sea pearl set in 18ct yellow gold.

Chain sold separately. Please see below.

Delicate pave set diamonds encircle a lustrous, untreated Australian South Sea pearl; the effect is graceful and languid, like a swan gliding silently over tranquil waters.

This stunning ring features 0.30ct of G/VS diamonds and a 10-11mm round Australian South Sea pearl set in 18ct yellow gold.

A symbol of togetherness.

Like two hands holding onto each other, two hands which find each other without having to look, providing comfort and reassurance, forming a connection as gentle as it is strong, fitting together like pieces of a puzzle created by life itself.

The ultimate symbol of Western Australia.

The everlasting movement of the ocean’s surf, the rim of the water caressing the sand and retrieving back, only to allow the next wave to repeat its motion; the curve of the majestic Wave Rock, frozen in time in its remarkable form, shaped by the elements; the waves of the sand dunes all inviting for a unique adventure and reminding of the precious life moments which are never to be forgotten.