Aurora Horizon Earrings


Evocative of the shimmering sun slipping beneath the horizon, these earrings dazzle with colour and brilliance. The eye is drawn to the perfect balance of the untreated Australian South Sea pearl and pauses at the sparkling diamond separating the pearl from a bed of colour-saturated gem stones. The slight movement of the pearl emphasises its beauty and elegance.

The Aurora Horizon Earrings are grain set in 18ct yellow gold with Cabochon cut Rubies, Pink Tourmalines and Orange Sapphires (52 gemstones, approx. 2.6ct); featuring two brilliant White Diamonds (totalling 0.11ct) and two 12-13mm, drop-shaped, Australian South Sea pearls.

The Serendipity Ring features a fine, single row of diamonds and a lustrous Australian South Sea Keshi pearl. Beautiful on its own, or stack alongside other rings to create your own unique look.

Side by side perfection is paired.

The Moonbeam Earrings; ribbons of natural fibre made from carbon surrounds a symmetrical stroke of white diamonds and rose gold. Beneath lies the beauty of two Australian South Sea Pearls. Each earring is complete with a signature Kailis black diamond.