08 . 05 . 18

Mother’s Day: the Kailis team mums, Alyona.


The mums of the Kailis team started their Mother’s Day season with a special high tea with their kids.

Alyona James Yukhymets, Marketing Coordinator and mum to Tamara (2 years).

What would you like your child/children to know about you?
I would like Tamara to grow up knowing that my love for her is a constant and that no matter what happens, I will always be there for her, and that to me she is perfect. I would also love for her to be aware of our cultural heritage (I am Ukrainian) and feel that’s its part of who she is as much as of who I am.

What is your favourite thing about being a mother?
Walking into my daughter’s room first thing in the morning and hearing her sing Baa Baa Black sheep fills my heart with the kind of joy I never knew before. Those first morning cuddles are the sweetest thing I have experienced. Being an early bird myself, it works really well that while my husband is still asleep on a weekend morning I have a play buddy who is ready to start her adventures as soon as the sun is up.

What do you admire about your mother?
There is so much, where do I even start… I think my mother is the kindest person in the world. Growing up I have always felt that home was my safe heaven and there was no storm big enough to change that. She just has that calming presence and her patience, ability to empathise, take the time to listen and hear, always see the best in people and also bring out the best in people are truly remarkable. And that’s not mentioning her successful academic career amongst other achievements.

What is your biggest challenge as a mother?
Balancing different aspects of my life and making sure I don’t sway too much any one way. I am still relatively new to parenthood – my daughter is only 2 so it’s very tempting to dedicate all of my time as well as physical and emotional resources to Tamara, but I know that staying true to myself and doing things that I love – whether it is working, exercising, travelling or spending quality time with my amazing husband is important and has long term benefits not just for me but for the whole family.

What would you consider your greatest achievement as a mother?
If my daughter grows up to be a kind, strong, confident and happy human being, I will feel that I have done my job as a mother well. For the time being I feel like the fact that my daughter is happy to eat plain yoghurt as well as cucumbers and carrots is a pretty big achievement. Parents of fussy toddlers will understand my pride.