10 . 05 . 18

Mother’s Day: the Kailis team mums, Tanya.


The mums and wives of the Kailis team started their Mother’s Day season with a special high tea with their kids.

Tanya Tindall, Kailis General Manager, and mum to Ben (15 years), Chloe (12 years) and Ryan (9 years).

Chloe and Ryan:

What kind of person is your mum?
Chloe: Mum is kind, caring, respectful, terribly humorous (actually her humour is terrible), thoughtful and I am lucky to call her Mum.
Ryan: My mum is a fabulous hugger and super nice.

What makes your mum special?
Ryan: She is special because she loves me.

Tanya Tindall:

What would you like your children to know about you?
That no matter what happens I will always be that person that is there for them. As a parent, I am the strongest voice for ensuring that my child can have the best experience in everything they do and that I want them to be happy with the things they choose to do.

What is your favourite thing about being a mother?
As my children have got older I have gotten great joy watching them do the things they love, so whilst it can be very time consuming going to all the activities, I do love watching them do those things.

What is your biggest challenge as a mother?
Time and balance – making sure I spend the time doing the things with them that are quality time, not just fitting it all in. Balance is the key and enjoying the moment. We all have many competing priorities, but it is important to balance out what the important things are and to enjoy the moment!

Is there anything you would like to say to all the mothers out there?
So many people will give you advice and judge the things you do but none of it matters. Do whatever works for you. It may work for you for a day or for a week (no matter how old your children are), but you need to do what works for you that day, that week, that month or that year. Do what you are comfortable with and what works for your family – that is all anyone can do – just do the best we can for that moment.